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9FS bar sinister insignia


Les Nelson was a 9FS fighter pilot, with 4 aerial victories. The following pictures with captions are courtesy to this website from his personal album.



New! Above shows 2 metal 9FS insignias. One was used for a pin, the other had been made into a ring.


WWII 9FS patch

Reduced in size, this is example of the Australian-made WWII 9th Fighter Squadron patch.


Nelson after 25 missions...

Les Nelson after 25 missions, on wing of J. Haislip's Republic aircraft, P-47. "I came from the infantry regiment; note I'm still wearing my infantry boots and leggings. I just returned from a ground support mission to help Aussie infantry." New Guinea, 1944.

Nelson after 150 missions!!!

Les Nelson after 150 missions, more to go!



9FS group photo of fighter pilots


L-R: McElroy, Fischer, Lewellyn, Krankowitz, Oglesby, W. Lewis, Davis, Nelson, Crowder, Treadway, McComsey, Hamburger, Cooper, Williams, Swift, Helterline, Estes, Curton, Datzenko, Poston.


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