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Ken Clark, 9FS fighter pilot, Squadron Assistance Intelligence Officer, and 9FS Historian, submitted the following photos courtesy to this website from his personal album.


9FS 'hooch' at Lingayen

9th Fighter Squadron: Koch, Clark, and Atkinson, in typical 4-man "hooch" at Lingayen Gulf, Philippines - 1945.



Ken Clark and W. Spence

1st Lt. Ken Clark (L), Asst. 9 Sq. Intel. O.,
with Capt. J. Walter Spence, 9 Sq. Intel. O. (S-2) at Lingayen Gulf, summer of 1945.



Fighter pilot 1st Lt Ken Clark

1st Lt. Ken Clark, 9th Fighter Squadron Flight Leader,
Lingayen Gulf, summer of 1945.



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