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Here are more of Ralph Wandrey's photos & captions courtesy from his personal album.

Sign next to 9FS camp at Dobodura, urging everyone to take Atabrine: "DIRECTIONS: To use, remove cap. Turn bottom up." 


Up with the tent...
L-R: R. Gorham, Ralph Wandrey and J. Harvey building their tent frame at Gusap.


Williams & Wandrey in village
L-R: Ralph Wandrey with W. Williams in native village near Gusap.



Wandrey in village
Wandrey in native village near Gusap.


Wandrey's P-47
Wandrey beside his P-47 at Gusap.


Down with the tent...
W. Williams (L) and Ralph Wandrey destroying their tent frame when they left Gusap.


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