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9FS bar sinister insignia


Here are more photos courtesy of Ken Clark.


Ken Clark with 9FS contemporaries

9th Fighter Squadron, Lingayen Gulf, 1945.
L-R: Rudy Bellan, Ken Clark, Donald "Doc" bux, John Rentchler, Edward Howes, Howard Oglesby.



9FS contemporaries in front of EM club

July 1945 - EM Club in background. L-R: M/Sgt. Dick Gast- Maint. Chief, F/Sgt. Odgnard (sp?), Capt. D.A. Johnson- Sq. Maint. Officer, Capt. Jess Pienezza- Sq. Supply & Trans- poration, Sgt. Willoughby.



Ken Clark with 9FS contemporaries

Lingayen Gulf, summer 1945. L-R, Back row: Capt. J. Walter Spence, 9 Sq. Intel. O., 1st Lt. Ken Clark, Asst. Sq. Intel. O.
L-R, Front Row: (?), (center) S/Sgt. Dominique Tarquinio, Intel. NCOIC, (?).


Lt. Ken Clark's P-38 "GYPSY"

Photo-copy of Ken Clark's P-38 "Gypsy" (from 49th Fighter Group book 
by Ernest R. McDowell and illustrator Don Greer). 


A few other of Ken Clark's photos can be seen here:
Tower at Lingayen  and On Lingayen Beach (9FS Unit History). 


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