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The Fighters at Humpty Doo

by Lucien Hubbard

Story in full - pages from -  
Air Facts: The Magazine for Pilots, November, 1942

Copyright 1942, Air Facts, Inc., 30 Rockefeller Plaza, N.Y.C.

This historic article is deserving to be read by all those interested 
in the preservation of factual events regarding the 9th Fighter Squadron, 49th Fighter Group of WWII. 

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The famous Hollywood producer - author Lucien Hubbard was a temporary publicity correspondent accredited by the USAAF, who wrote the article published by "Air Facts: The Magazine for Pilots, November, '42" to boost our morale. He lived with and wrote about the young pilots of the 9th Pursuit Squadron under the RAAF command in the Australian bush-cattle station area called Humpty Doo, south of Darwin. He referred to that campsite location due to censorship. With some minor embellishments, the story is basically true. It is here where the 9th's legendary nickname "Fighters of Humpty Doo" began.



  (Note: In the December 1942 issue of Reader's Digest, this article in condensed form was a 
featured story.)

Notice: The following paragraph excerpt is quoted from the website American Aircraft Magazines - Aircraft Magazines Guide: 
"'Air Facts'
[? publisher, ISSN ? ]
Subtitled 'The Magazine for Pilots'. Founded, owned and edited by 
Leighton Collins. The magazine was primarily focused on helping pilots to understand the risks of flight, and persuading them to fly more safely. Most issues are between 75-85 pages, although in the 1970s they reached 98 pages. Published between 1938 and May 1976 (Vol.39 No.2). No further information. Ceased Publication."



George Preddy and I.B. 'Jack' Donalson at Darwin


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