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A big thanks for this biographical sketch and a few early photos of Preddy while assigned to the 9th / 49th; submitted by Sam Sox, co-author of "George Preddy - Top Mustang Ace".

"Major George E. Preddy, Jr.
49th FG 9th FS
352nd FG 487th FS, CO 328th

Among the many outstanding pilots who received their combat wings via the 49th FG was George E. Preddy, Jr. He was assigned to the 49th FG on March 5 1942 and served until he was transferred out on October 10, 1942 following a mid-air collision on July 12, 1942.  Although he is not credited with any victories during his tour, he gained immeasurable experience flying with likes of Joe Kruzel and ace I B “Jack” Donalson.  His star would shine when he was assigned to the famous “Bluenose Bastards of Bodney”, the 352nd FG who served in the European Theater of Operations.  Preddy’s career would tragically end when he was KIA by friendly fire on Christmas Day 1944. During his tour with the 352nd FG, he set an ETO record by destroying 6 German fighter aircraft on August 6th, 1944 on a single mission for which he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. On October 28, 1944 he was made CO of the 328th FS. Leading by example, his squadron on November 2, 1944 destroyed 24 enemy aircraft in aerial combat, an ETO record.  Preddy was the highest scoring ace flying the P-51 Mustang and the 3rd ranking ace in the ETO with 26.83 aerial victories.  He is ranked 8th overall among all US Aces serving the US during WW II."

NOTE: We have permission to post these photos. Please contact Sam L. Sox, Jr.  for more information. Thanks.

George Preddy with his P-40 Tarheel at Darwin, Australia : Sam Sox    

1942 - Darwin, Australia: Lt George Preddy standing beside his P-40 named " Tarheel" displaying the dragon
depicting Capt. Fred Kruzel's "D"  flight.


George Preddy in the cockpit of his P-40 Tarheel - Sam Sox      

1942 - Darwin, Australia: A Public Relations photograph of Lt George Preddy in the cockpit of his 
P-40 numbered 85 displaying his newly grown mustache.


George Preddy's P-40 #85 Tarheel - Sam Sox     

1942 - Darwin, Australia: Preddy's P-40, named "Tarheel" in honor of his home state North Carolina, running up.

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For more information about Maj. George E. Preddy, please visit the Preddy Memorial Foundation