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The idea to create this website in 1997 about the 9FS began as past curiosity about my father's WWII memory book "The Flying Knights". Although it was his book, it was given to me many years after he died, and for a long time  I couldn't find information about it. My father, Capt. Warren Fowler  was a P-38 fighter pilot during the second half of the war, June 1944 to August 1945 (14 months). He loved to fly the P-38 and was very proud to have served our country with this unit. 

The historian of the 49th Fighter Wing suggested I get the book "Protect & Avenge - The 49th Fighter Group in WWII" by S.W. Ferguson & Wm. K.  Pascalis, and I appreciated seeing my father's name mentioned. This is a great book if you're interested about the history of the 49FG during the war in the Pacific. The authors spent many years gathering and documenting information, and conducted many personal interviews with former commissioned &  non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel of the 7th, 8th, 9th Fighter Squadrons and 49thFighter Group. Another book "Tales of a War Pilot" by former 9FS fighter pilot Richard C. Kirkland, gives entertaining personal accounts of his tour of duty during WWII and Korea. See the list of books and articles about the 9FS and the 49FG for more information.

Acknowledgements: Several people have been extremely helpful since 1997 in compiling and preparing the content of  this website. My sincere thanks and gratitude to them for their generous support in contributing 9FS history, narratives, photos, memorabilia, etc. dedicated here: 
49th Fighter Wing; 49th Fighter Group Association; WWII Flying Knights: Ken Clark (9FS Fighter Pilot/Unit Historian); Ralph Wandrey (9FS Fighter Pilot Ace/Historian/Photography Dept./Author); Mr. & Mrs. William Pascalis (Mr. Pascalis- 9FS Crew Chief/Historian/Author); Les Nelson (9FS Fighter Pilot); Clinton Palmer (9FS Communications Tech.); Bud Tiffany (9FS Fighter Pilot); George Alber (9FS Fighter Pilot); Bruce Alber, son of George Alber; R. Hawes (9FS Fighter Pilot); Sandy Willford (9FS Fighter Pilot); Ralph Holcomb (49th Fighter Control Squadron - Cryptographer); Richard Kirkland (9FS Fighter Pilot/Author)-  artist of pgs. 42 & 43 of The Flying Knights book; Warren Fowler (9FS Fighter Pilot), my dad. 
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