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49th Group Photos:


9th Fighter Squadron at Gusap - early 1944

9th Fighter Squadron at Gusap - Early 1944                            


Top row L to R:  unknown, John Mclean, Arthur Hufford, Willie 'Wewak' Williams, Wally Jordan, William Maddox, Wade Lewis, Howard Oglesby, unknown, Huard Norton.  

Bottom row L to R: unknown, Jimmie Haislip, Willis Treadway, Del Moore, Eddie Howes, James Poston, Alex Datzenko.  


49th Fighter Group at Gusap

49th Fighter Group at Gusap             



Front Row L to R: Kamphousen, Grover Fanning, Dell Moore, Jim Harris, unknown, unknown, McClain. 

Back Row L to R: Persons unknown at this time.


If you can identify unknown persons in the above photos, contact Ken Clark. Thank you. 



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