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9FS bar sinister insignia


Warren Fowler, my father, was a 9FS fighter pilot. He served 14 months in the Pacific, from June 1944 to August 1945. He completed 138 combat missions. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal w/ 6 OLC,  Good Conduct Medal + 2-knot bar, etc.


Warren Fowler on leave somewhere in the South Pacific...

Above & Below: Les Nelson, WWII 9FS fighter pilot, and his daughter Denise, recently found these 1944 photos of Warren Fowler in the Southwest Pacific. Thank you Les & Denise!

Warren Fowler next to P-38 #73



Fowler brothers

Above, L-R: 1945 - (brothers) Maj. George Fowler (USMC - USS North Carolina - WWII Pacific) and 2Lt. Warren Fowler (USAAF - 9FS, 49FG).

Right: 1944 - Fowler in togo, prior to departure overseas.

Fowler in togo


Fraley, Foster, Fowler, Frank

Photo taken in April, 1944, prior to departure overseas. 
L-R: C. Fraley (not in 9FS), D. Foster (not in 9FS), Warren  Fowler (9FS fighter pilot), H. J. Frank (9FS fighter pilot, MIA during Leyte operations, friend of Fowler's). [All graduates of Williams Field, Class 44-A.]


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