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Camouflaged B-29


9FS bar sinister insignia


Some final scenes of the 9th Fighter Squadron's last days in 1945 at Okinawa, Atsugi & Tokyo .

As the war came to an end, people on both sides had many adjustments to make, politically and culturally.

The following photos with captions are courtesy to this website by a former 9FS P-38 fighter pilot from his personal album.


Camouflaged B-29

Ernie Pyle's Headstone

9FS at Okinawa 9FS at Okinawa

Mt. Fuji Mt. Fujiyama

49FG Atsugi base 49FG Base at Atsugi

A-20 dogfight A-20 Mock Dogfight

Transportation means 9FS Transportation

9FS in Japan Inside Japan

Emperor's Palace area Emperor's Palace

Post-war Japan Post-war downtown Tokyo

9FS holy terror... Unofficial 9FS Mascot

9FS final photos Last of WWII 9FS



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