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The history of the 9FS insignia began at Darwin. Since the 49th had been under the command of the RAAF, it was thought the units should adopt a coat of arms insignia similar to the Australians' royal insignias of heraldry.  South of Darwin at the Humpty Doo area cattle station, the 9th was nicknamed the "Fighters of Humpty Doo".  Some said C. Selman may have been the first to draw a 9FS insignia. It's also been said that "The Flying Knights" design was drawn up by S. Woods and R. Blachly while the 9th was at Dobodura, and there it was refined to the patch form. 

Ralph Wandrey describes the old 9FS insignia as follows: "The knights' helmet with the closed visor represented readiness for battle. The red stripe was positioned for bar sinister which was for the blood we drew, and in heraldry represented a bastard - which we considered ourselves to be in the Army Air Force!"

As with most squadrons during WWII, the insignias were not officially approved until after the war, and even then they were modified by the newly separated military branch of the United States Air Force.

In addition to insignia variations, the 9FS has had other nicknames such as, The Iron Knights, and more recently, The Tin Heads.




Early 9FS insignia

One of the earliest designs; probably from late 1942 or 
early 1943.
(c/o Les Nelson)



9FS WWII insignia patch

9th Fighter Squadron cloth patch 
made in Australia, 1943
Shown much smaller than the original size.
(c/o Les Nelson)



Refined 9FS insignia

Modified from 9FS patch, 1944;
used until the war's end.
(c/o "The Flying Knights", and
"Fighter Pilot" by Ralph Wandrey)



9FS insignia banner

9FS insignia banner. (date-?)
(c/o Ken Clark)



9FS stationery stamp

9FS insignia stamp on stationery, 1945; Lingayen.
(c/o Warren Fowler)



9FS souvenir pin

Hand made and painted souvenir coconut shell "patch" pin, which sold for two pesos (US $1.)
by local Filipino craftsmen, 1945.
Markings: Top- 9th Fighter Sqdn.
Below- 49th Ftr. Grp.

(c/o Warren Fowler)



9FS first official insignia

First official post-war insignia, 
adopted and approved by USAF in 1946.
(c/o Combat Squadrons of the Air Force--World War II)



9FS newsletter insignia

Insignia from postwar 9FS Association newsletter.
(c/o Ralph Wandrey)




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