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George Alber photo collection continued...


Loading B-24     

In order to get there (South Pacific) we departed from Hamilton Field in California to Hickam Field in Hawaii, and then onward.

Above: Loading the B-24.
Below: Loading the B-24 bomb bay, baggage and people!

Loading B-24 - baggage & people!



George, this is truly a classic picture!

Above, L-R closest to bottom of photo, 5 young men: Frank Nutter, Grover Fanning, Stowe, Milby Marling, Gil Millif.

They put us in a bomb bay of a B-24 sitting on a 2 by 12-inch plank. We put our baggage aboard and asked the pilot, "please don't open the doors!" Myself, Ralph Wandrey & others in the 9FS were on this flight.


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